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Services for Publishers

Since 1990 has been producing books for publishers who want to conserve their in-house resources, contain costs, and take advantage of our production expertise. We can also prepare books for individuals who wish to hire us. Authors who are looking for a traditional publisher to buy their manuscript and publish their book at the publisher's expense should click the Authors button instead.

Our book production experience includes project management, technical editing, copyediting, design and graphics preparation, page layout, proofreading, and indexing. We can provide all these services or just the mix the customer needs for the project at hand. Our customer list includes Microsoft Press, Mitchell McGraw-Hill, West Publishing Company, John Wiley & Sons, Symantec Corporation, and more. Click the Home button for a partial list of our titles and awards our work has received. Our specialty is trade books and textbooks on computer topics. We operate from our offices in the Silicon Valley / San Francisco Bay Area, where we draw upon publishing and technical professionals from the region and across the country.

Below are some of the services we offer.

Project Management

The project manager is the publisher's main contact person for each book project and also supervises our production team. The project manager oversees the quality of each team member's work, ensures the production schedule is met, develops the project budget, coordinates communications among the client and the production team, and maintains a smooth workflow. The project manager keeps the customer up to date on the status of the job, relaying pages for review and consulting on all important decisions.


A developmental editor works with an author early on to help define and shape the manuscript for production. Most often our customers perform their own developmental editing by working directly with their own authors; however, we are able to provide this service when requested.

Most technical books require one of our technical editors to check the clarity and accuracy of the book's content. Books about computer software or hardware require the technical editor to check the book's content step-by-step using the actual software or hardware being written about. Art work for the book is checked for accuracy and labels are added for clarity. Technical issues of graphics formats, color, and scaling are addressed. The technical editor works closely with the author to resolve ambiguities in the text, utilizing e-mail to keep the project moving.

After the technical edit, the grammatical and stylistic consistency of the book is handled by the copyeditor. Some of our clients have their own in-house style guides which they supply to us, or our editors use their experience with computer terminology and standard style manuals to ensure a consistent and professional manuscript.

Book Design

If you're a publishing company you might supply us with specifications and template files for the book design based on one of your existing book series. We can implement your supplied design or create an original design for your book by employing a graphic designer. Technical designs must be functional as well as attractive, and they should be efficient to implement in a fast-paced production environment.

Art Preparation and Page Layout

Nearly every project involves a compositor, or desktop publisher, who electronically creates “camera-ready” pages from the edited manuscript. Art work for the book is processed and combined with type on the page proofs. Sometimes an illustrator is brought on board for original line art or cover designs. We can produce one-color, spot-color, and four-color process books.


Book production requires a skilled proofreader to correct serious and embarrassing spelling and formatting mistakes before the book reaches the marketplace. While the customer and author can review the page proofs for accuracy of content and catch some errors, a proofreader is skilled in the quality details of the book: its spelling, grammar, and adherence to the design specifications. We take proofreading very seriously. Nothing can be more distracting to the reader or embarrassing to the publisher than a book riddled with typographical errors, missing or mislabeled figures, or cross references and index entries pointing to the wrong pages. The proofreader is the book's final defense against serious and costly errors.


A good book deserves a good index. A professional indexer makes the book a true reference by ensuring the reader can locate the information he or she needs. The quality of a book's index is often evaluated by book reviewers and can affect its overall ranking and success in the marketplace. Sometimes an author will create the index, often by keying index terms into the manuscript while writing. But it's usually best to have a professional indexer thoroughly distill the contents of a book and create a truly professional index.

Electronic Media

Technical book production sometimes involves producing additional digital editions of a book, such as an e-book included on a CD-ROM bound with the printed book, or an online version available for purchase, rental, or reference over the Internet or a private intranet. New software tools expedite this process by enabling us to convert your printed publication to an electronic format without having to recreate it from scratch. This reduces costs and permits simultaneous publication of both print and electronic versions.

Every Project is Unique

While we've described our services as simply as possible, we realize each project is unique, and we strive to tailor our services to your particular needs. If you have a project in mind you can get more information by clicking the Contact Us link and describing your needs in an e-mail.